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This site is owned and operated by Bill McGrath and my wife Jan will from time to time answer the phone for me ;-) Ever since either one of us could drive, or had friends that could, we have frequented this area as visitors for many years. Almost 15 years ago it was a dream come true to take up residence in Port Franks, now a hamlet of Lambton Shores.

From this central location we have become familiar with the geographical beauty of North Lambton County and now continue to familiarize ourselves through our efforts in creating and servicing websites.

We maintain a number one source to visitors who want an easy and effective way of locating merchants in Lambton Shores and it’s communities, while being an integral force in routing our web traffic to area business websites.

We collect and organize content so visitors can quickly contact, locate, and view business and community information, and/or website, in just 2-3 mouse clicks.

There is no longer a need to search endlessly through hundreds of searches trying guess which keywords will provide relevant information that do or do not service this rural and resort area. goes past other directories since we are not just a membership or customer list. Even our free listings include a short description because we recognize that sometimes a name alone doesn’t give our users quantifiable information.

Detailed information, in an easy to use category-specific environment.

These combined benefits to visitors makes us a first choice for a Hospitality, Shopping and Recreation Information source for the communities of Lambton Shores.

Although we sometimes hear something like “Lambton Shores” is an unknown name, “nobody searches on that”, we focus our search engine efforts using all the names in our municipality - and more importantly, the services our area has to offer.

Google, Yahoo, Weather Networks, News Media, Ontario Road Maps and more are recognizing Lambton Shores as a municipal city as well. What does this mean? Well,
we average 190,000 Total Visits a year with almost 300,000 Page Views, making us an effective advantage as an online business advertising resource.

The future has already begun! is an integral tool in increasing traffic to your website.

Don’t have a website? We also provide cost affective alternatives to get your information online. Our packages all include links from this high traffic directory.

We look forward to contributing to your business or organization’s success.

If you have a comment, suggestion, question or listing/advertising inquiry, please contact us. Your contact is appreciated and we look forward to answering any questions you may have to the best of our ability.


Bill & Jan McGrath
Cybertising Advantage -
9938 Superior Street, Port Franks ON, N0M 2L0



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